Corey Christanell & 3 Gems Nutrition

High Quality Growth Supplements for Organic Farming

Corey Christanell knows business.   With over twenty years of experience in management, marketing, and sales, Christanell has worked in and found ways to enhance every aspect of the consumer product sphere.  After starting his sales career with Anheuser-Busch Inbev in 1995, his trajectory to the top level of the company happened swiftly.  His expertise was in high demand.

A Leader Emerges

Christanell joined the staff of the company president in 2002, allowing him to develop and support product expansion in various positions with Inbev.  He’s done it all:  advertising, management, operations, sports marketing, and sales.  In 2005, Christanell moved into a senior advisor role for the CEO, then led the manufacturing sales representative division from 2006-2008.  As he moved up through the company, Christanell honed his management skills but made sure to keep his individual team members in mind.

Known as an executive with strong leadership qualities, Christanell took the time to build relationships with his colleagues.  “Working with a team is about positive relationships.  You’re a part of a group that has a common goal.  Supporting and encouraging my team was never a question because the people who work with me become like family.”  Christanell always strove for his teams to feel motivated, heard, and successful, even when the pressure was on.  His track record with Inbev proves that his management style was spot on.

When Inbev acquired Anheuser-Busch in 2008, Christanell transitioned to the company’s sports marketing division where he negotiated and managed the company’s $80 million+ in sports marketing assets.  Through expert negotiation and strategy, he capitalized on opportunities to build a business by developing and implementing innovative programs from concept to execution.  Christanell’s success at Inbev was unparalleled.  He had made it to the top.

In 2016, Christanell decided to take a leap of faith to start a new life beyond the corporate world.  Reflecting on his skills in the business world and his knowledge of organic farming, Christanell decided that he wanted to be a part of something that allowed him to get his hands dirty and still make a difference.

A Seed is Planted

As a former executive in the hops industry, Christanell sought to revitalize farming in America and beyond with a professional-grade plant nutrient line that focused on improving the quality of crops and reduces costs to grow.  He had learned industry best practices for improving the quality of crops using innovative techniques while always thinking of new ways to reduce grow costs.  Christanell not only knew he could improve the hops industry, but he felt he could develop plant nutrition products for flowers, vegetables, and cannabis that would change organic farming across the nation.  

A seed was planted in Christanell’s mind.  He knew hops, and he knew organic farming.  He thought he could do more.  “Working in an office most days, I didn’t get much time to be outside, directly working with our hops growers.  I wanted more of a personal connection,” Christanell says of his time in the corporate world.  After years of developing his skills in marketing and sales, Christanell felt that he was ready to grow within a new market.  Thus, Christanell’s voyage into the organic farming and the plant nutrition industry was born.

3 Gems Nutrition is Founded

Teaming up with other experts in the cannabis field, Christanell got to work identifying current trends in cannabis cultivation, as well as troubleshooting common problems in organic grow operations.  From these conversations, Christanell developed a team of specialists who would become 3 Gems Nutrition.  Utilizing scientists, business professionals, and generational growers, Christanell and the 3 Gems team were able to narrow down challenges cannabis growers were facing:  slow growth, lack of soil in urban grow operations, slim profit margins, and complexities in plant cultivation.

Christanell’s team then got to work finding solutions.  High quality, cost-effective plant nutrition was their goal for developing a superior product for farmers with large and small grow ventures.  After speaking with a number of horticulturalists and researching how to best serve this budding group of organic growers, 3 Gems created an all-stage plant enhancer that could be used to increase nutrient uptake and stimulate growth.  By boosting plant immunity and increasing crop yields, 3 Gems had solved the problems commonly encountered by hydroponic and outdoor growers, establishing themselves firmly in the cannabis growing industry.

JEWEL in the Crown

                The signature product of 3 Gems Nutrition, JEWEL, has revolutionized organic farming in both indoor and outdoor growing operations of varying sizes.  JEWEL is a super-concentrated plant nutrient made from cold-pressed liquid kelp, creating an all-stage plant enhancer.  Kelp is fast becoming the desired fertilizer of organic farmers because it does not contain by-products or chemicals.  Additionally, liquid kelp concentrates like JEWEL enhance the sweetness of fruit, keep veggies from softening too quickly, increase flower production in flower plants, and increase both plant immunity and nutrient uptake.

Christanell, in his research, found that cannabis farmers were often challenged by imperfect growing conditions.  Many urban farmers faced a lack of soil, sometimes having almost none to work with.  “We looked at all the reasons why cannabis growers were failing and tried to solve each one of them.  JEWEL checks every box on the list.”  JEWEL can be used with little to no soil, in indoor or outdoor environments, and on any kind of plant that utilizes liquid fertilizer.  By supporting organic growers through excellent products and customer support, JEWEL is transforming the cannabis industry in both hydroponic and outdoor grow ventures.

The Future of Corey Christanell and 3 Gems

                Corey Christanell’s passion and drive in the organic farming industry has blossomed into an incredible team of experts who are committed to excellence in service and business.  Looking ahead to what’s next is essential to supporting large and small growers who need solutions that will help them to boost production and sales.  3 Gems Nutrition is in the research and development phase for several additional products and, with Christanell at the helm, there’s nowhere to go but up.

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